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Embedded contact form for Bain subsidiary

Live Project
Bain & Company
June 2021

The ask with this design work was to design a brand new contact form for Bain's subsidiary website that allows users to input information to request a software demo.

The reason for the ask was the original contact from on the website looked very dated and didn't have all the requested fields.

My first focus was to do design research. My goal was to collect design inspiration to explore different design directions and ideas that would fit Bain's esthetic. During my research I was also thinking about how to add micro-interactions to the experience as well.

My goal with the designs was to keep the form clean and readable so the user knows exactly what they need to input into the form as well as a clear indicator for what information they need to add if all the required fields aren't filled out. The main focus with the form itself was accessibility for all users.

Once the form's design was locked down, I then explored ideas for the loading animation as the user scrolls down the page as a subtle way to grab their attention. A number of designs were considered for the animation but we settled on the growing messaging icon because it connects better with the message we are trying to convey.

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